What Can You Expect?

You can expect a lot from our great packages! Depending on what you choose, we will sit down with you for 2 Р3 hours and guide you through the process of growing your dream garden. We will cover various garden types, plants and tips specifically for you and the conditions of your property. On top of all that, we can provide you landscaping designs and photo-realistic images of what your property could look like.

No more walking around in the dark, we will help guide you towards a beautiful garden.

Package Booklet

This booklet contains a lot of useful information to get you started and keep your garden alive. Providing details on the names, quantities and instructions for maintaining your plants. Allowing you to follow easy step-by-step instructions and guides to follow, to keep you going. Please note that the information in your booklet depends on the package that you choose.

The 10-page plant care information booklet that gives you:

  • Yearly Garden tips to help remember what to do when
  • Getting started – What to do prior to planting
  • Planting – The steps to planting your plants.
  • Garden maintenance – With an organic weed spray recipe.
  • Coastal planting – When to plant, how to plant and other advice on coastal planting.
  • How to work out quantities of bark and stones
  • Ongoing watering – Immediate after care and long-term maintenance
  • Mulch – The various types, and the various do’s and don’ts of the industry
  • How to espalier ornamental and fruit trees with diagrams on a variety of espalier training styles.
  • Various ways to stake new trees with reasons why
  • Pruning roses – Diagrams and examples on pruning a shrub, standard and climbing roses.
  • Pruning fruit trees with diagrams of central leader and vase shape pruning.

All packages come with a softcopy via email and a hard copy which will be posted to you.
For more details of the packages available please click here.

Landscaping Designs

The before and after designs give you a vision of what can be achieved. By creating these designs, this helps you visualise your garden, saving you not only money, but time as well.¬†Helping avoid common mistakes, as you no longer spend money on a garden that once planted, you don’t really like that much.

Spa Area Before Landscaping

Spa Area Before: Relocated house wanting a private and relating spa pool area.

Spa Area with New Landscaping Design

Spa Area After: House boxed in created storage and a cosy place to relax in the spa. Planting for fragrance, hardness, foliage texture and colour.

The Planting Plan

Planting Plan with Quantities

A basic planting plan is for the base planting. After this has been achieved more plants can be inter-planted into empty areas if wanting.

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